WGS Technology Online Casino Software

People who gamble online don’t have the patience to deal with poorly designed,  slow-moving,  or frequently down online casinos. A big part of gambling is fast-paced action that gets the heart racing. That’s why online casinos tend to stick with gambling software vendors with a proven track record. One such company is WGS Technology, the power behind Miami Club Casino.

Formerly known as Odds-On Gaming (and later Vegas Technology) WGS was originally founded in 1998, not as a gaming software company, but as a development firm for e-cash processing programs. The firm quickly recognized that many of its e-cash processing clients were in the casino business, so it shifted to develop top quality online gambling software. This proved to be a shrewd move, making WGS Technology one of the pioneers of online gaming.

Thanks to its modular, flexible software, WGS Technology has expanded to provide a wide range of online versions of familiar casino games. These include many of the games found on Miami Club Casino, such as slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack,  stud poker and craps.

Most of the WGS Technology casinos are operated out of Antigua and Barbuda, where the government has recognized the economic value of online gambling and regulates it precisely.

WGS Technology has become known especially for the excellent quality of its game graphics. One of its keys to success has been to give ownership of the graphics to casino operators. This means that casinos using WGS Technology, such as Miami Club Casino, are able to customize game graphics to match their own themes.

As a WGS Technology customer, Miami Club Casino runs from the company server, which has been programmed to handle an infinite number of players and connections without frequent downtimes. Should a player become disconnected, the software is designed to re-connect instantly without loss of information or game play.

Vegas Technology also concentrates on online play without Flash downloads. This means that Miami Club Casino, among other Vegas Technology sites, are equally accessible through browsers to both PC and Mac users – a definite plus for the 20 percent of Macheads among the gaming population.

Another plus for players with Miami Club Casino’s Vegas Technology comes in the operations that most players don’t see – the back office management. “Back office” refers to the software that monitors player registrations, player activity, account balances and wagering. WGS Technology provides Miami Club Casino and other online casinos’ management with instant reports, including profit and loss statements.

This may seem crass to players eager to play and win, but good management plays a crucial role in whether a casino offers players gaming opportunities worth their time and money. Online casinos with poor management frequently close after only a few months in operation, taking players’ real money accounts and bonus balances with them.

By providing Miami Club Casino and other casinos with a stable, efficient and effective back office system, WGS Technology helps to ensure that an online casino can stay in business for a long time, providing gaming fun and profit to both players and operators.